About JE Metier

"People Create Success": This simple axiom is the foundation on which JE Metier builds its business. The right people in the right places is the reason behind this extraordinary success. And JE Metier plays a pivotal role in accessing select human capital capable of taking companies and organizations to new heights of success.

With offices in Hong Kong and Singapore, JE Metier is a niche executive search consultancy with a strong focus on the High-Technology industries. Backed by a team with a profound and extensive understanding of these specialized industries, JE Metier is uniquely qualified to identify suitable human capital to fill strategic appointments for major corporations across the Asia Pacific region including Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Korea, Taiwan, China and India.

JE Metier distinguishes itself by bringing unique perspectives and professional skills to the search process. A prolific network and proven methodology combine to enable us to consistently perform at optimal, achieving ideal solutions with our valued clients in the shortest possible time. We are committed to delivery excellence, down to the last details. From the very first brief, to identification and the final selection, our unwavering principle is to guarantee that the clients get nothing short of the best.

Excellent service is more than just a catchphrase at JE Metier. Meticulous effort is always taken to understand the objectives, needs and cultural profiles of our clients, and of each individual short-listed for each appointment. This in essence built on our deep partnerships with our clients, whom we want to serve to ensure their future success.

Dedication, quality-results and professionalism are constants that keep us on track. Indeed, your success is ultimately our success.

To continuously enhance ourselves on professionalism, performance, and delivering high levels of service quality on a consistent basis so as to be recognized as the BEST preferred executive search firm in the High Technologies industries across Asia Pacific region.

We strive to build a compelling work culture based on an unwavering belief in integrity, objectivity and sincerity, creating a supportive environment that produces ongoing mutual respect and trust. We believe these values will not only lead us to be invaluable business partners but also a positive imprint on our community.